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A homegrown pro: Coleraine’s Gino Guyer

By Andrew Vitalis, 10/28/08, 7:19PM CDT


It took him about one nanosecond to respond. When asked what his expectations are for the season, Gino Guyer didn’t mince words.

“Everyone is trying to make it to the highest level, I’m not any different,” remarked Guyer, a 2003 fifth round draft choice of the Dallas Stars. “That’s been my goal since I was a kid. Playing in the minors, you’re certainly not doing it for the paycheck. I just hope to get noticed. Hopefully I can keep moving up.”

Don’t bet against him. There have been periods throughout Guyer’s career where critics have done just that, and lost. For instance, when the former Gopher tore his ACL during the 2006-07 season, some weren’t sure how Guyer would recover, or if we would.

“My injury was the low point,” stated Guyer. “I was devastated.”

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