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Cooper Struggles for Success at the end of the Season

By Willie Monteiro, 02/09/12, 1:35PM CST


In a stretch that looked like there might have been a couple of wins, Cooper has only been able to produce one victory against St. Paul Highland Park while falling to St. Francis and Lecacy Christian in their last two games. Optimism remains as the last four games in the regular season are against teams that the Hawks should be able to be competitive against. Two out of the last three games were one goal games.  They were close, but the quality of play has been less than spectacular. A couple of issues the Hawks have struggled with have been passing and puck movement. Poor passing decisions have resulted in a tremendous amount of turnovers. Poor quality passes have been bobbled and lost as well. They just don't seem to be able to find the open player as often as they would like to. Sometimes they have bada bing. Every now and again they have bada bing, bada bang.  But they rarely have bada bing, bada bang, bada BOOM. Lines have been changed up, players have switched positions, but that magical combination has been elusive.  Some of the basic elements of the game not been going well enough to produce results for the Hawks. They have been able to mount pretty decent shot numbers which is a huge positive. Goals against is still an issue to overcome.

Tonight they'll lace 'em up to go against Bloomington Kennedy at 7PM at the New Hope Ice Arena. On paper this one looks like an even match-up and it should be a good game.