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Quick Q&A: Luke Meade, Rosemount hockey

By Star Tribune, 02/08/13, 4:37PM CST


What are your hobbies away from the rink?

Luke Meade

What are your hobbies away from the rink?

I like to hunt and fish and shoot my bow and arrow.

Do you plan to play hockey after high school?

I'm hoping to try out for a couple of NAHL teams and see where that goes.

Do you have teams you're looking at specifically right now?

I know the Johnstown [Pennsylvania] Tomahawks and the Minnesota Magicians.

What's it like playing under a first-year head coach?

I like it because I like new things and I like change and [first-year head coach Brad Stepan] has done a good job of getting the team to work hard.

What's your biggest strength?

Probably my skating. I've always been a good skater. It's nice to have good skating skills to get around guys.

Do you have any superstitions?

I have to tape my stick after warmups and I have to drain an Arizona Mucho Mango [flavored tea] before the game.

Who is your favorite player and why?

Nick Leddy of the Blackhawks. He played for Eden Prairie, played for the Gophers for a year -- they're my favorite college team. I don't know, I like the way he plays hockey because he just keeps it simple.

Your biggest influence or role model growing up?

Growing up in Rosemount and knowing all the varsity players, a guy named Luke McManus -- he plays for the UMD Bulldogs now. When I was little I just remember going to the varsity games and watching him, as a sophomore, play varsity hockey. I watched him all the way up and now he's at UMD and I got to see him play there, too. I just wanted to be like him one day.

What's one interest in your life that might surprise people?

I like to cook, breakfast foods mainly. I cook for my sister all the time in the morning.


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