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Hawks Bow Out & Wish Wayzata Success

By admin, 02/25/11, 8:30AM CST


It was Hockey Destruction, the Hawks got crushed. The 13 - 0 spanking at the hands of the Wayzata Trojans was a hard way to end the season, but it doesn't tarnish what was a successful season.

While thinking hard and searching to find something we had and they didn't, all I could come up with was "Cat-Dog". Wayzata has speed, strength, agility, skill, but they don't have a defenseman named "Cat-Dog".  Cooper's #25 Evan Moore has had to live with that nickname since he was a Squirt.  It was affectionately given to him by some of his youth coaches and stuck with him throughout his hockey career.  Something about his pets & his hockey bag...

All of the Cooper fans would like to thank Cat-dog and the rest of his teammates for a great season.  The team is graduating a lot of seniors and it was nice to see their hard work rewarded with a winning season.  We wish them all the best in their future, knowing that they have the ability to accomplish great things.  The squad worked hard on the ice, but they also hit the books hard. They may have finished fifth in the conference on the ice, but they'll finish at the top in the classroom.  Good luck and try to find a way to keep hockey in your lives.