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Points Scoring System

Top 100 Scoring System

Each player on the Minnesota's 100 Greatest Players list was ranked according to a scoring system. Players could earn a possible 200 points, with 185 points possible for high school career, 10 points for state championships and 5 points for post-high school.

Below are detailed explanations of how each category breaks down:

High School Career

Points awarded on players’ overall impact and how he compared to other players from the same era. Was he a leader both on the ice and off? Did he make the players around him better? How many seasons did he play on the varsity? How tough was his competition? How did he perform in the playoffs? Was he able to raise his level of play in the postseason? If he was a defenseman, how did he perform against the state’s top teams and forwards? Did he add anything offensively? If he was a forward, was he skilled at both ends of the ice?

Points possible: 185

State Championships

More points awarded for one-school titles in the 70s and 80s, when there were the most teams competing for championships. Class 2A titles worth more than Class 1A titles.

Points possible: 10

Post-High School Career

How did the player perform in college, in the pros, in international play? How long was his career?

Points possible: 5