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Puck Heaven

Since the first Minnesota state high school boys’ hockey tournament was held in 1945, the event has captured the imagination of the state’s populace. Perhaps no other high school tournament in the nation provides as much excitement and allure.
Every year, talented athletes from around the state converge to test themselves against one another, while their rabid fans renew the electricity of regional rivlaries that hearkens back across decades of pride, dreams and traditions.
Now, Jim Hoey, author of Minnesota Twins Trivia, has collected a remarkable selection of facts and information about one of the most storied high school tournaments in America. With more than a thousand questions, you’ll find this thoroughly-researched book a true treasure trove of hockey lore.
How much do you know about the boys’ state hockey tournament?
  • Who scored the winning goal in the longest game in tournament history?
  • What school won a state title after losing not just once but twice in the post season?
  • What player scored overtime winners in two consecutive games in tourney play?
  • Which school has been to seven championship games but has yet to win a title?
  • What goalie made a record 124 saves in a single tourney, though he played only a portion of the third game?
  • Who was the only girl to ever play in the state boys’ hockey tournament?
  • What hockey hero once scored the first six goals in a game for his team?
  • Who is the only player to participate in five state tournaments?
“The state high school hockey tournament is one of the top sports attractions that fans get to witness every year. This book will stimulate interest and bring back memories of past champions and great players who have graced the tourney.”
Lou Nanne, former Gopher and North Stars player coach and general manager and long-time TV analyst for the state boys’ high school tournament
“The state tournament is one of the great traditions in our state and Jim Hoey’s trivia book is replete with detail of the great players, dynamic teams and memorable games. Readers will enjoy the well-researched questions and thorough answers and relish in all the glory of a tournament we are all proud of.”
Willard Ikola, former Eveleth goalie and legendary Edina head coach

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Contact the Author

Jim Hoey can be reached at (651) 994-7870 or by email at ajehoey@comcast.net.