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Week of Tryouts

Monday 11/16 Tuesday 11/17 Wednesday 11/18 Thursday 11/19 Friday 11/20 Saturday 11/21
4:45- 7:45PM @ Hasse Arena 3:00-5:00PM @ Hasse Arena 4:45- 7:45PM @ Hasse Arena 4:45- 7:45PM Practice 4:45- 7:45PM Practice Scrimmage in Virginia
No reassignments this day First day that players might be reassigned Scrimmages vs Farmington 7-8PM All Players will be assigned a team LSHS or LHA Jr Gold 3:00-4:00PM Players Check into Lockerroom and recieve LSHS Equipment
Second day that players might be reassigned 6:30- 7:30 Parent Meeting LSHS Lecture Hall

Information about Tryouts

All Players will need to bring their own equipment.

There will be no space to store equipment during tryouts.

All Paper work must be complete and turned into the Activities Dept. by 12 noon on Nov.16th.

Players will be assigned jersey/ numbers when they arrive at Hasse arena on Monday Nov. 16th.

There is a Mandatory (Players Only) Pretryout Meeting on Tuesday Nov. 13th in room C304 at 2:45PM - (Players Only)

There is mandatory Strength Testing on Wed. Nov 4 and Thursday Nov. 5th from 3-4PM in the LSHS Weight room

We will roster between 32 -36 players for Varsity and JV.

Jr Gold Tryouts

 Jr. Gold Hockey:

  •  A Lakeville Hockey Association team for high school players.
  •  One Jr. Gold B team this year, teams will be added when we have enough players.  (Approximately 24 players trying out).
  •  Register on-line at lakevillehockey.org. (Players can wait until high school tryouts are complete to register).
  •  35-40 games per year, with approximately a 2 to 1 game to practice ratio.
  •  3 Tournaments, plus post season tournaments.
  •  LHA’s Jr. Gold teams have participated in 3 of the last 4 state tournaments, winning the state championship last year.

Tryouts at Ames:  TBD


LHA contact for Jr. Gold: Steve Burns  srcb2458@aol.com or 952-210-0709