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Jack Qualen

Qualen  jack crop small
2 · F

Dylan Hewitt

Hewitt  dylan crop small
14 · D

Dan Myhra

Myhra  dan crop small
15 · F

Charlie Schuster

Schuster  charlie crop small
16 · F

Sky Brown

Brown  sky crop small
17 · F

Connor Mayer

Mayer  connor crop small
18 · D

Luke Horton

Horton  luke crop small
20 · F

Ben Scherer

Scherer  ben crop small
25 · D

Michael Kelley

Kelley  michael crop small
27 · F

Nick Sims

Sims  nick crop small
28 · D

Peyton Melin

Melin  payton crop small
30 · G

Max Bernstein

Bernstein  max crop small
31 · G

Hunter Huson

Huson  hunter crop small
33 · D

Dawson Spindler

Spindler  dawson crop small
34 · D

Alexander Brigino

Brigino  alex crop small
35 · G

Brian Arnold

Arnold  brian crop small
36 ·

Philip Iten

Iten  philip crop small
37 · F

Dylan Hoen

Hoen  dylan crop small
38 · F

Peter Moran

Moran  peter crop small
39 ·

Max Jablonski

Jablonski  max crop small
40 · F

Matt Olson

Olson  matt crop small
41 · F

Jordan Roo

Roo  jordan crop small
42 · F

Stefan Garcia

Garcia  stefan crop small
44 · F

Blake Friesen

Friesen  blake small

Chris McGowan

Mcgowan  chris small

Derrick Raymond

Bsm knight right small

Junior Varsity Assistant Coach Derrick Raymond

Derrick Raymond is in his first season with the BSM hockey program, serving as an assistant coach for the junior varsity program.

Prior to joining the Red Knights, he worked for seven years as a member of Bill Rooney's staff at Robbinsdale Cooper High School. 

Highly involved in youth sports, Raymond has served  in numerous capacities for the Armstrong-Cooper Youth Hockey Association. He is member of the ACYHA player development committee and coordinates the mite program.

Raymond currently resides in New Hope with his wife, Jessica, and their three children, Jeff, John, and Natalie. He is employed by Johnson Paper & Supply, Co. in Northeast Minneapolis.